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You Gotta Heed the Call, Butterball

December 16th, 2010

Michael Steele, embattled muppet, working to protect our bibbles

photo courtesy Gawker

I have no beef with Michael Steele. Considering what he’s up against in today’s reactionary GOP, it’s hard not to have a little affection for the guy.┬áHe’s absurd, irrepressible and ┬álovable in his own buffoonish way. Who else can address a crowd of mostly elderly white people with a “What-up, Topeka?!?!” Love him or hate him, Michael Steele has often been a rare gust of fresh-air in the hyperbaric chamber of conservative politics.

And none have spoofed him better than the muppet masters at The Daily Show.

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My brother bristles badly at this treatment, despite his mirthful giggles at Rightist parodies like “Barack, the Magic Negro” and other crude vaudevillian sketches of liberal figures.

Brother, if you can’t take some humor from this, you should get your fluids checked.