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The Forest of Astounding Trickery

December 18th, 2010

Wither art thy trees?

photo courtesy Michael Tyas

There’s so much gamesmanshipping going on in DC this month, it’s hard to follow each major piece of legislation (taxes, omnibus spending, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, DREAM act)  on its own merits. It’s as hard as ever to see the trees through the forest of astounding political trickery.

But one bill has gone largely unnoticed in the press, be it the Lamestream, the blogiverse or the Rightist bureaus.

It’s the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, also known as the 9/11 First Responders Bill, named for the 36-year old city detective who died of the lung disease he contracted after working hundreds of hours at ground zero.There are roughly 16,000 responders—including firemen, police officers and engineers—who suffer a range of serious illnesses from inhaling the toxic debris, and the bill would extend long-term health benefits in a $7.4 billion measure.

As Jon Stewart pointed out in his recent advocacy for the bill, it seemed like a legislative “no-brainer.”

But last week Senate Republicans filibustered to defeat the bill as part of a vow to pass zero legislation until the Bush Tax Cuts were extended.

I asked my brother how this sort of behavior could possibly be defended, from the Party of 9/11 Remembrance no less.

The 9/11 bill isn’t something that the Republicans said they would never pass. … Republicans are fine with passing this in a reasonable time frame after the most important and pressing issues of taxation are resolved.

This is, of course, absurd. There is no reason that both the tax legislation and every other piece of legislation can be passed before the session ends. The GOP is making a principled stand on taxes, fine. But they they are stepping on 9/11 victims in the process. As usual he changed the subject, this time back to the omnibus bill that caused him his earlier apoplexy.

The added debt by Democrats is nothing  more than a big good-bye fuck-you to the American people. The fact is, the Democrats still hate the American people and have no respect for us or this country. The Republicans (the conservatives ones, that is), do love this country and respect the people which is why they were given the majority this past November 2nd.

Now, dear reader, you see not only the boulder, but the mountain I am pushing it up.