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The Truth: A Liberal’s Worst Enemy

December 21st, 2010

Blissful in his blinders, my brother assails “worthless” University of Maryland report

photo courtesy Natalie Vella

Did you see this University of Maryland study last week? It made the social media rounds pretty quickly—I saw the usual liberals rejoicing and the conservatives largely ignoring. (The liberals should have read the Times’ report on the study a bit closer; MSNBC viewers don’t come out looking exactly like geniuses.)

My brother did his side proud, not by questioning the study’s methodology or content, but with a more fundamentalist approach. Because it questions Fox News in any way, my brother seems to say, the study is not just untrustworthy, but malevolent.

Sounds to me like some liberals at the University of Maryland are getting nervous with a news organization that doesn’t tow the liberal line and finally tells the truth. Yes the truth is a liberal’s worst enemy. This worthless study only proves more how Fox needs to keep doing what they are doing so that the truth about the hideousness of liberalism stays in the forefront. This is just a study to discredit Fox and the conservative ascendancy taking over America starting on November 2nd, 2010. It is the first of many attacks on conservatives as Republicans take the majority next month—and that is exactly what this is about.