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“Obama Will Take Away Your Personal Freedoms”

February 3rd, 2012

Specifically, what do you mean?

Double Wall Near Tijuana by jonathan mcintosh

Newt Gingrich. Even his name sounds like some hobbit that I will tell my grandkids about. The Gingrich. He’ll steal your cheese while you sleep. The man who lost Florida but didn’t go away.

My Lunatic Right Wing Uncle, (new to this blog, but recent emails compel me), chimes in:

I like Newt. He was vilified in the mid-nineties when the press was entirely in liberal hands and there was no way for him to respond or get out his side of whatever story he was being excoriated for each week or month.

Now, with Fox and talk radio, the Right nearly has an equal ability to give the public responsible opposing views.

They keep saying Newt comes with so much  “baggage,” but in truth, Obama has done more every week that is hurtful to this nation than Newt did during his entire career.

This last sentence is an artful example of the “I know I am but what are you” debate technique. Otherwise, it caps off a fine paranoid vision quest.

I know you don’t see it, but someday I think you will.


But see what exactly? That’s all I ever ask my brother or my uncle. What specifically would you like me to see?

Obama’s State of the Union address was so filled with bald-faced lies, to a degree well beyond what I’ve ever seen in any prior administration.

He said he created millions of new jobs.

The truth is that millions of jobs have been lost under him and he prefers that more people are made poor because poor people vote for Democrats.

Ah yes, the evil motive theory. This is the one that says that when a Democrat wakes up in the morning and brushes his teeth and puts one sock and then the other on his cold bony feet, the thing that drives him is the secret hope that he might make a few more people poor that day.

He says he’s protecting our borders better than any prior administration. Truth is he has taken legal action to stop Arizona from protecting its borders and citizens, while bands of Mexican outlaws are terrorizing people living near those borders.

Yes, Mexican drug violence is a huge problem. In Mexico. And yes, the Dept. of Justice sued Arizona in an interesting battle over state rights and the implementation of federal law, a situation not that dissimilar from medical marijuana, gun rights, raw milk distribution or a variety of other issues where a state and the feds clash. It’s a worthy topic and merits lots of discussion. Paranoid fever dreams of mounted Banditos, however, are not helpful.

Let’s reintroduce some facts:

According to PolitiFact, there are twice as many border patrol agents today as there were in 2004. The Bush Administration started the build-up, and the current administration has raised the number of troops on the U.S.-Mexico border to roughly 20,000, the highest number that has patrolled the border in American history. (President Woodrow Wilson’s 1916 Mexican Expedition is a close runner-up.)

Illegal immigration has dropped by half since 2008. The numbers of illegals that are arrested trying to cross are at the lowest numbers since the Nixon Administration. And lest it seem that more are slipping through, the share of illegals who arrived in the last five years dropped from 32 percent in 2000, to 15 percent in 2011. This according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

Meanwhile, the co-director of the Mexican Migration Project at Princeton has said that “net migration” from Mexico had dropped to zero for the first time in 60 years.

As for the bands of outlaws, a July 2011 report by USA Today says that border cities are statistically safer than other cities in their states, or national averages.

El Paso Police Chief, Greg Allen, put it this way:

“I’m not trying to paint a picture here that nothing ever happens, because it does,” El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen said. “But some have tried to suggest that El Paso is a violent city just because of its location. Unfortunately, some people’s misperceptions have become their reality.”

Moving right along, my uncle said the president lies about oil production:

He says that more domestic oil is being drilled and pumped under him when in truth he has taken steps that are destroying our ability to drill and produce oil in this country.

Truth is that oil production is an eight-year high. 

Maybe my uncle’s point is that, no matter the figures, the Obama Administration has regulated, perhaps too tightly, the oil industry. And yes, certainly this administration has not stopped regulating the industry. And the fact that the government is still doing its job provides endless fodder for conservative media. Regardless, it’s pretty safe to say that more oil is being produced today than any time in the last eight years.

No response yet from my uncle or brother on these specifics. It would just be great, like really heart-warming, for just one conversation with either of them to be both stimulating and factual, to be respectful and free from inane political ranting and hysterics.

Can we no longer talk about things like oil production or illegal immigrants in any other way?

How much worse do things have to get before you realize that  all of the “good deeds” that the Democrats say they want to do are a sham and all they really care about are excuses to increase their own power?

Global warming and non-renewable energy are both excuses to take away all personal powers and freedoms.

I see Obama as the biggest threat to the safety and security of this nation that I have ever seen in my lifetime.