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Hose Them Down

December 14th, 2011

Brother Uncensored

Photo courtesy JoeInSouthernCA

It looks like the Occupy Wall Street Movement is winding down, or at least going through a winter hibernation. Whether it has achieved any of its goals remains TBD. To the Rightists among us, needless to say, Occupy is pure evil, and it has totally failed. At times like this, it’s best to let my brother speak for the Right Wing uncensored, unedited and uninterrupted. Here he was, specifically in reference to questions of police brutality…

The police aggressiveness against these occupy assholes does not offend me at all. In fact it pleases me.  I detest these low life, liberal scum who are the parasite losers who of course the Democrats and Obama see as their voters. Don’t complain to me that the police are unjustified when multiple crimes are being committed by these morons every week. When are you going to find those things offensive? The police were probably justified with the pepper spray as well in [Davis] California. They didn’t listen to police orders to move, so fuck em’. I would be fine if the police threw them in a cell and hosed them down with a powerful fire engine hose for a while; with cold water of course. Don’t tell me that the police being aggressive is never a good thing when these parasites don’t offer one good thing to society AT ALL!!!

And that was that.